A Baby Just Around the Corner

I’ve not written since May. Of course you know this, those of you who follow the Ornery Uterus. Days slipped by and it became easier not to write. A terrible excuse but the most honest I can muster.

My post this evening is largely inspired my wonderful, athletic and beautiful sister Stephanie who decided (as if she didn’t have enough to do with three children, a husband and an Ironman race in 2014) that she needed to start a blog.

Really? An Ironman? Okay, I guess I can write a blog post. About her starting a blog. Oh geesh.

Truth is, I’m damn lazy when it comes to writing. And have I got stuff to say.

So here’s a few nuggets from the last three months:

1. Eric is CANCER FREE. Yes. You read it right my friend. Cancer free and going strong. He’s kept 35 pounds off his tall frame, been quit smoking for over 7 months, hasn’t touched a soda in 9 months and hasn’t snored a lick since he lost the weight. He rocks in my world.

2. Birdies for Babies is still very much alive. We are 17 days away from one of the most exciting events in our lives since our wedding in 1999. Last December, as you may recall, Eric and I were selected as recipients for the outing which helps couples afford IVF or other infertility treatments. It’s been a whirlwind since then now it’s crunch time. We need golfers, sponsors and auction donors to continue to support this event. If you know of anyone willing to come out or help in any way, please have them go to: http://www.golfinvite.com/bfb

3. With Birdies underway, we’ve had time to find a doctor we think can get the job done. Dr. Richard Sherbahn from Advanced Fertility Centers of Chicago is our go to guy. We met with him for the first time on Monday, August 19th with mixed reviews on his bedside manner, or lack thereof. This is a numbers guy no doubt about it. He’s science through and through and he prides himself and his practice on producing some of the best results in Illinois and Wisconsin. We figure we can deal with his demeanor if he produces the result we’re looking for. Plus, from what we’ve heard, we’ll be connecting with the nursing staff and other medical personnel on a much more frequent basis.

Prior to the meeting with Dr. Sherbahn, I was given an ultrasound to check my uterus and ovaries. I was surprised to learn I had 52 follicles, many more than is expected in my age range. At 38 years old I should be sporting anywhere between 18 and 22. Apparently I’m an overachiever in this department. My ovaries look, at least on paper, as beautiful as an 18 year olds. This will mean Dr. S will retrieve more eggs when he “dips the ladle” in so to speak. Now the quality of those eggs is a different story. But one can assume we will have more to choose from. Yea us!

During our discuss with the Dr., Eric asked the very simple and reasonable question, “So why can’t we get pregnant?” Yes. Why can’t we? His sperm was fine. My body seemed to be in working order by all indications. Apparently, Reproductive Endocrinologists are of the thought that something is either “not happening” or something is “preventing” eggs from arriving at the critical meeting point. Well, duh! For example, eggs may be released but the fallopian tubes may not be scooping it up. Essentially the eggs are standing up the sperm. They are never showing up for date night. Bad, bad eggs. Poor Eric.

We asked about success rates and really, if I tried to explain it, it would just be more confusing. Eric and I are simply of the belief that when our time comes to participate in this amazing science experiment, that it will all work in our favor.

So this brings you up to speed on us and our infertility journey! Our emotions range from excitement to trepidation at times. There is always that fear that we are racing against the clock especially in terms of Eric’s diagnosis. We know that the further he moves out from the cancer removal, the better his prognosis. It still never leaves our mind. Even though this is the most exciting time of our lives, there is something that lingers below the surface which never really lets up. It’s the honest truth.

Thank you for following along. More to come next week.


2 thoughts on “A Baby Just Around the Corner

  1. Hi! I just came across your blog when I was doing an internet search on Dr. Sherbahn. First, congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope everything is still going well and healthy.

    I was actually wondering if I could get your opinion and thoughts in Dr. Sherbahn. Like you said in this old post, there have been mixed reviews on his bedside manner… And that makes me nervous about choosing to go with this center.

    Anyway, please feel free to reply back to my email – your help would be so greatly appreciated! I’m new into this infertility issues, and can really use some suggestions on doctors!

    I’m so happy I stumbled onto your blog! I’m really looking forward to reading your posts 🙂

    • Thanks Kristel! I’m sorry for the late response. I also sent you a private email in regards to Dr. S. Best of luck to you!

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