Honey Will You Rub My Butt

I’m seriously done with these progesterone in oil shots. I’ve been doing them since our egg transfer on December 1 and they hurt! I KNOW it’s necessary. I just don’t LIKE  it. And Eric dislikes it even less – that is if he’s not miffed at me for some reason and then he gets slight pleasure out of jabbing me with a obnoxiously long needle. And then I cry and ask him if later he will “rub my butt.” This makes him smile.

A massage is necessary. You see, the lumps left behind by these shots impeded my ability to sit for any period of time in comfort. I also feel like I’ve been through the ringer at the gym when in all reality I haven’t stepped foot in one since the summer. Sad I know!

On the bright side, we are officially 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant! The journey, even the progesterone shots, has been all worth it. I wouldn’t trade a single moment.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting. Emotionally I’ve been up and down. A sufferer of mild depression, it has been difficult adjusting to increased pregnancy hormones flowing through my body. I stopped my low dose Prozac before egg retrieval as I didn’t want it in my system during the pregnancy. I pride myself of being fairly self aware and therefore try to set realistic expectations. It also helps to have a very understanding husband!

The most exciting and emotionally charged event thus far has been our first ultrasound. Leading up to this much anticipated event, both Eric and I were unsure, feeling a little detached. Was there really something in there? Until then we relied strictly on the blood work to confirm the pregnancy. Each test solidifying the results as my pregnancy hormones rose.  On December 30 we drove up to the clinic and worried the whole way. We promised each other that no matter what, we had each other.

ALL our fears were put to rest as soon as we saw the beautiful miracle of a beating heart! I can’t tell you what a relief that was. Eric kissed me and we cried a few tears. WOW. There really are no words…

On that note I think it’s’ time for me to get my rub down! Until next time.

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