Cookies And More Cookies

October, November and December provide ample opportunities for me to consume more than my fair share of sweets. Cookies, candy, cookies. More candy. It’s ridiculous really. And equally so that I have seemingly no self-control. In fact, since last year I’ve gained at least 5 or 6 pounds. Very unwelcome I must say. If these items had lots of Vitamin D I’d have no deficiency whatsoever!

Sunday I had the nephews over for cookie baking and copious amounts of fun. I’m really a bad Aunt though. I provided snacks. Random snacks. I offered the kids a piece of crispy turkey bacon first followed by a glass of soy milk. A little nibble of cookie dough (Don’t tell Mom!) was thrown in before they exclaimed, “We want a snack!” Weren’t those snacks?

Zack, my oldest nephew, spotted a photo of a shrimp on a can of Pam.

“I love shrimp,” he said.

“I have some shrimp,” I said.

So I offered them two strawberries and two pieces of shrimp each.

It should have stopped there but the cookies needed to be tested. Cookies just out of the oven are warm and yummy and, well, yummy. So I gave them each two cookies and another glass of soy milk.



My Lord, I will NOT be a good mother. I will kill my kids with love and sugar, I’m sure of it! But I guess it could be worse.

On another note, I wanted to share a link to a story sent to me by a friend. The Chicago Tribune recently interviewed Colleen Wagner Coughlin, a Chicago embryologist operating a lab called aParent IVF for Fertility Center of Illinois. According to the article, she was fascinated with animal reproduction from a very early age. Her mother, who must have been very cool, let her first breed gerbils, then mice, then rabbits. Wow. I bet she got lots of cookie dough!

Eventually Coughlin made her way into human reproduction and has been there for the past 27 years. In fact, her lab, aParent IVF, according to the article, is extremely successful and has helped see 25,000 babies into the world! She sounds like an amazing woman with a passion for helping others.

I will be adding a few more blogs to the blog roll in the next week. Until then, eat lots of cookies!


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