Thanksgiving Blessings

Mom and I stopped at Stephanie’s to feed the cat when Judy, her neighbor, came outside to say hello. We spoke over the hedge. In the cold, the glow of Judy’s porch light blacking out her face, she told us her son would be here for Thanksgiving. He is dying. The cancer in his pelvic bone now, hospice at the ready.

This will be their last Thanksgiving she says.

The darkness couldn’t show our concern. It didn’t express our sadness for her. We told her with words how bad we felt and that we were sorry her son was dying. It’s hard on his two boys, six and four. Their Dad, here now, won’t be around for them as they grow. His body, wracked with cancer, is barely able to keep up. His wife is there, but not really there. It has to be hard.

A moment later, Judy’s grandson popped his head out of screen door. He needed her. Over the hedge, one last time, we gave our condolences. Said we would pray for them this Thanksgiving. And then she was gone.

I think about our Thanksgiving plans. A motley crew will congregate at Mom’s. We invited a lonely neighbor and a lost teenager to spend it with us. We will eat beef pot roast, roasted potatoes, broccoli, appetizers and the like; Apples to Apples and Dominos tucked to the side for after dinner fun. Steph, Chris and the kids will be out-of-town but we will think of them anyway.

And we will pray for Judy’s son and her family. We will take time to remember those no longer with us and those who have nowhere to go. We will be grateful for what we have. We will think to ourselves how fortunate we are to have healthy friends and family.

We will have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I wish this for you and yours. May happiness and health be with you!


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