Prayers Welcome

It has been a crazy few months! The Arizona trip I mentioned in my last email was fabulous. Dad and I had the most amazing time, driving all over the place taking photos and generally enjoying each others company. I don’t think I’ve ever had a chance to do that in my adult life and it is something I will always remember.

I’d never been to Arizona for any length of time (unless I count the time Grandma and Grandpa Gregory took us to the spot where you could stand on the corners of four states at once, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.) We didn’t hit The Four Corners Monument this time around but we did noodle around in Sedona and Tuscon, both equidistant from Dad’s place in Apache Junction. Sedona was nothing short of breathtaking. Seeing the “red rock” up close and personal is a true gift. It confirms for me (as do many other things) that there is a God somewhere.

I was a little nervous to go and see my dad knowing that we’d be on our own. Mary, my stepmom, was unable to make the trip down as she was taking care of her mom in Seattle. Her mom has been struggling with cancer for many years and it has taken its toll. Mary was where she needed to be, but I missed her tremendously – my wine drinking partner!

Dad and I did just fine together. As soon as we embraced at the airport I was transported back to our last visit as if we’d never said goodbye. We grabbed lunch, talked about the flight – which was amazing by the way (go American Airlines!) – and settled into the mobile home unit in Apache Junction. Dad and Mary’s golf cart was the perfect vehicle to take in the sites of the community they live in. Like the ipad, everyone there has one!

Cookie cutter in their layout, each unit emulates the homeowners unique personality. Colorful whirlygigs and cacti, reflective of the Arizona landscape, dot grass barren spaces and bay windows. Cactus is everywhere! I’ve never seen so many varieties, all beautiful in their own way. And the storage! I was in awe of how efficiently laid out these units were. They offered more storage than many of the full size homes I’ve been in. Common areas, where the residents can get their creative groove on, were at the ready for returning snow birds. Art studios, a lapidary studio, woodworking shop, quilting and sewing room, game room complete with several new pool tables, a library and puzzle/card game room; you name it, they got it. It’s the first time I ever wished I was 55 or older. I could easily seem myself retiring in a place like this.

The pool area, with its crystal clear water set at about 75 degrees no less, was a welcome sight on a cool morning. The waters needed to be warm. According to Dad, the ladies who did their morning water aerobics are not impressed with a cool pool. A few of the mornings I enjoyed the hot tub before getting into the showers. Such a great way to start the day. Eric meantime was managing the dog, cats and himself. I must say, I’m quite proud!

I didn’t talk very much about our infertility issues. I didn’t want to make Dad feel uncomfortable either. Frankly, this vacation was a nice way to forget all of it, at least for the week I was there. I imagine Eric had a nice break away from me as well. We are just in it too much, living and breathing infertility everyday. We are reminded, seemingly on a constant basis, of our “issue”. Pregnant women in the grocery store, baby-on-the-way announcements, stories in the news. Google. Yahoo. Comcast. It’s everywhere.

Update on the Alkaline Phosphatase test results! My GP decided to test me again. The results came back the same. Very low compared to other people who have low results. She ordered more tests to check my liver and bone function to see if there are any issues there. Apparently AP is an enzyme that is generated by the liver and the bone and other organs. It has something to do with the body’s PH balance and the acid levels in the body. High levels in the blood can indicate several issues with liver disease and bone disease. Low levels are much less common. Causes may be due to things like excessive intake of Vitamin D, Celiac’s Disease, malnutrition, etc. I have a feeling it may be the cause of my achy joints and bone issues. The doctor asked me if I had ever had bone issues or had lost my teeth at an early age. Nope. Nothing like that from what Mom has told me.

Dr. Bang is also checking my Vitamin D levels, magnesium and my thyroid again. It’s amazing to me how our bodies work, and at such a microscopic level. I’m not sure what the results will be this time around. It’s been about a week since the last blood draw. In the meantime, as a good friend always says when times get rough, one foot in front of the other. It’s the only way to move forward.

We’ve tossed around financing ideas as well. Bottom line our out-of-pocket expenses will most likely settle in around $22,000 when all is said and done. It’s a big nut to crack but we have help out there – I just know it. And we are grateful! I am confident we’ll figure it all out.

On a completely separate note, I ran across a post from a man who suffers from infertility and his experience with it. I will look for the post and link it to my next entry if I can find it. Thought it might bring a new perspective. Another recipe is coming your way too! I just made it tonight – a Brussels Sprouts Lemony Slaw made with greek yogurt, lemon, roasted sunflower seeds, etc.. It’s delish!

As always, prayers are welcome!


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