Happy Anniversary!

Last night was our 13th anniversary. Eric did a fantastic job making risotto and I grilled up chicken breast from the store. His dish was awesome. Mine was way too salty. I doesn’t really matter that we didn’t get each other cards or flowers. Gifts were not exchanged but time was spent with each other. That’s the point after this many years have passed. I wonder sometimes how my grandparents felt about each other after 60 years of marriage. What an amazing accomplishment!

This week has been a bit crazy. Work is keeping me busy. Non-profit fundraising and development never ends, never takes a vacation. Eric is exhausted most nights. He has a much more physical job than I do and it takes a toll. No matter – we found a way to enjoy the evening which included Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream. šŸ™‚

Last week I mentioned that I would be interviewing the couple that was chosen as this year’s recipients for the Birdies for Babies golf outing. I feel honored to have had the chance to talk with them about their experience. Jake and JanaeĀ were married three years ago. They took some time to travel and then started “trying” for theirĀ own baby. Jake explained that he comes from a really large family and was not at all worried about having problems. Both he and JanaeĀ expressed their frustration after two years of trying “everything under the sun,” including a failed IUIĀ attempt. A friend told them about Birdies and they applied. Just as they were getting ready to go into theirĀ first IVF cycle they got the call they had been selected by the Birdies for Babies committee. What an awesome feeling of relief that must have been for them. I could hear the happiness in their voices. I could also hear the sorrow and the sense of hopelessness as they talked about the two years of trying. I told them I could relate.

They both had interesting and different perspectives on the experience. I asked each of them what they discovered about each other that they could describe in a few words. Jake talked about Janae’sĀ resolve and toughness. Janae has been changed by how supportive Jake continues to be through this process. Their love for each other was evident during the interview and I’m sure it will continue to grow as they go through this next phase of their journey.

Another high note for the Birdies family includes the birth of Hannah and Avery Davis – the newborn daughters of Katie and Pat; the events 2010 recipients. My mom and I will get to meet all of them at the golf outing on September 29. Can’t wait for that!

I can’t say enough how much I have been blessed just by opening myself and talking about my experience. I have talked with so many people with similar situations. While each experience is unique, we all share a common bond;Ā a desire to be more than ourselves no matter what the outcome.

One thing I’ll leave you with is something that Janae mentioned during the interview. She said that it is heartbreakingĀ to seeĀ the negative results each month. As painful as that is she said, “This is something completely out of your control. The only thing you can control is how you think and feel about it.ā€ Well I choose to think positive today. One day at a time is all it takes!

Thank you all for reading this blog and continuing on this journey with me!


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