I have a confession to make. About an hour ago I opened up my freezer and slowly drew out 32 frozen bananas I had sitting in there for the past year, maybe two. Who knows. In any case, I got rid of them; threw them right in the garbage.

Eric had been harping on me to pitch them but it wasn’t until my sister made a comment this past weekend that I thought I might need to listen up.

“Jen, oh my God! What the hell! What’s with all the bananas?” Steph was amazed they had even fit in the freezer what with all the other crap I have in there.

But I had plans for them. They were intended for banana bread that never came to fruition (Pardon the pun.) I thought about it every time I put another banana in the freezer. Hey, maybe next weekend I’ll make banana bread I thought. Yeah, right.

I don’t know what my obsession is with the bananas. Really. I don’t even like them that much. But I do like bread and I like banana bread when it’s made really well. The problem is I never make it. It’s always better when someone else does the work. Maybe I should have donated the bananas to a bakery or someone at work who would actually use them. As long as they shared the goods with me. That didn’t happen either.

I’m not an obsessive person by nature so it kind of surprised me that I let things pile up this way. I think it was the intention. The intention was there and within that, my excuse to collect an obnoxious  amount of long, yellow fruit that I could take or leave on any given day.

I’m was kind of obsessed in this way about the infertility thing too. I charted, calculated and timed every part of my cycle for the past year. I needed to take a break this May. Even June is lining up to be a fabulous month for wine and margaritas. Things will pick up again though. I’m starting to look into some options for IVF including a new procedure called Micro IVF. (More on that later.)

Maybe I should mull all this over a cup of coffee and a slice of moist banana bread. Oh wait. I don’t have any bananas!


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