Diagnostic Cycle

Here we go! We had a plan to move forward with the diagnostic testing if I started my cycle. And that’s where we are headed. I started today which means I’ll be going in for an ultrasound and blood testing this Saturday. I’m not thrilled about getting an ultrasound three days into my cycle but I suppose it has to be done. The blood testing is a no brainer.

I am thrilled that Eric will be coming with me to the appointment. I think the difference now is that he is much more involved. Last year he was a bystander. He was the guy that needed to deliver the goods at the right time. I know it sounds crass but that is really how it started to become. It has taken some effort on both of our parts to be more connected. For me it was inviting Eric to be a part of the doctor’s visits. I wanted him to experience them too. I think (I hope) that he is feeling more connected anyway.

It will be interesting to see how the Clomid works. I will be taking double the dose that I did when I took it back in September, October and November. They say it can stay in your system for a couple of months so I may still have some of the stuff lingering in me somewhere. I will keep you posted on how it goes!

Onto other news. #5 is being achieved tonight. (See the last two posts to catch up.) Although Eric is asleep on the couch I am braving the cold to go to World Gym to sign us up for a membership. After shopping around we figured this was the best bet. It’s close to the house and will run about $30 a month for both of us. The place is on the smaller side but has everything that we would need. The big perk is that it is within walking distance from the house. Not that we’ll walk mind you but the option is there.

Before I go I have to share this amazing website that a co-worker and I stumbled upon recently. Www.lostit.com is what is keeping my eating in check right now. It’s a fabulous little website that lets you set a goal weight and choose the amount of weight you want to lose each week. Based on what you plug in it will tell you how many calories you can have each day. You log your food and exercise in and, whola! it calculates a bunch of stuff to let you know how you are doing.

I better get to the club before one more night goes by!


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